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PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer actively researching my Genealogy.

This page is dedicated solely to the Gaudreau surname and its many variations.  Use my surname index to see what I've published.

Since my information came from many sources, the accuracy of the data has varying degrees of reliability.  Use it as a springboard for your own research, not as fact.  Only by examining evidence from several sources can you begin to feel comfortable with the conclusions you draw from them.


Many Gaudreaus (including my line) are descended from the brothers Gilles and Jean, who came from the town of Flotte, on the Isle-de Ré, off the western coast of France.

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The Madonna Connection

shows Madonna's Gaudreau line and how you could be related.

Maurice Gautreau -> Arthur A. Gaudreau
Maurice Gautreau -> Paul Gaudreau

These sites are primarily Gaudreau, so look here first.

Paul Godreau's Index of Surnames.

The following are researching the Gaudreau name (or one of its variations):

Alex Goudreau at is researching in Saskatchewan and Alexandria Ontario

Paul Gaudreau at is researching the children of Auguste Gaudreau, married October 13 1890 to Elmina Boilard at Saint Paul, Que

Paul Gautreau at is researching the Acadian line of Francois Gauterot

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