Art Gaudreau's Gaudreau Lineage

I am always looking for more sources of information and am happy to share what I have. Please E-Mail me if you have any data relating to these people (whether it confirms or conflicts with what I've presented below).
I've traced my lineage to Flotte, on the island of Ré, off the western coast of France. Two brothers, Gilles and Jean (my ancestor) left for Canada on March 31, 1665. They settled in Quebec and prospered. Although not a common name in the United States, I found about three pages of Gaudreau in the Quebec phone book. I have come across 14 variations of the spelling of the name: Gaudreau, Gaudreault, Gautras, Gautreau, Geaudreau, Godereau, Godrault, Godreau, Godreault, Gotereau, Gotreau, Gottrau, Gottreau, and Goudreau. There is a Gaudreau Association and a book about the first three generations of Gaudreau in Canada (written in French).

m. circa 1590
IIGAUTREAU, Jean (s/o Maurice and Catherine LAMBRETEAU)
m. circa 1617
IIIGAUDREAU, Jean (s/o Jean and Marie PROUSTEAU)
m. 20 Apr 1643 in Ste. Catherine du bourg, Flote, Isle de Ré, évéché de la Rochelle, Charente-Inférieure, France
IVGAUDREAU, Jean (s/o Jean and Marie ROUHER)
LE ROY, Marie (d/o Nicolas and Jeanne LELIEVRE
m. 31 Jul 1679 in Notre Dame, Québec, Canada
VGAUDREAU, Jean-Baptiste (s/o Jean and Marie LE ROY)
BERNIER, Geneviève (d/o Pierre and Françoise BOULE)
m. 30 Oct 1710 in Cap Saint-Ignace, Que, Canada
VIGAUDREAU, Augustin (s/o Jean-Baptiste and Geneviève BERNIER)
GUIMONT, Elisabeth-Félicité (d/o François and Marie-Elisabeth FORTIN)
m. 13 Jul 1739 in Cap Saint-Ignace, Que, Canada
VIIGAUDREAU, Pascal (s/o Augustin and Elisabeth-Félicité GUIMONT)
FOURNIER, Elisabeth (d/o Augustin and Marie BELANGER)
m. 7 Oct 1765 in Cap Saint-Ignace, Que, Canada
VIIIGAUDREAU, Abraham (s/o Pascal and Elisabeth FOURNIER)
THEBERGE, Angélique (d/o Michel and Euphrosine PAIN)
m. 28 Apr 1812 in Notre-Dame de Bonsecours, L'Islet-sur-Mer, Que, Canada
IXGAUDREAU, Joseph (s/o Abraham and Angélique THEBERGE)
BERUBE, Sophie (d/o Michel and Euphrosine LEVESQUE)
m. 16 Jan 1838 in St-Simon, Que, Canada
XGAUDREAU, Pascal (s/o Joseph and Sophie BERUBE)
COTE, Wilhelmine (d/o Charles and Zoé DANDURAND)
m. 27 Jun 1882 in St-Simon, Canada
XIGAUDREAU, Joseph Honore (s/o Pascal and Wilhelmine COTE)
FORTIN, Eva A. (d/o Marcel and Velarie MERAULT)
m. 15 Apr 1912 in Nashua, NH, USA
XIIGAUDREAU, Arthur Sylvester (s/o Joseph Honore and Eva A. FORTIN)
SIMARD, Marie Leonora (d/o Joseph Juvenal and Florida HEBERT)
XIIIGAUDREAU, Arthur A. (s/o Arthur Sylvester and Marie Leonora SIMARD)
SOLDRA, Patricia (d/o John Joseph and Sophie Estelle DLUGOLESKI)

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