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I sometimes receive requests for information about people that are not yet in my database. This page is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of information. The requests on this page will remain here until they have been answered (unlike newsgroups where postings are removed after a while).

To submit a query, simply e-mail me at with "Gaudreau Query" in the subject field.  I may edit your request to fit into a consistent format.  Also, I will remove dates of those born less than 100 years ago or married less than 75 years ago (sorry, but I would prefer to avoid any legal problems).

In return, I ask that you notify me if this page helps you find a lost relative.  Though not a requirement, I would appreciate receiving a copy of any links you establish and/or permission to publish your Gaudreau family data on this site.

I periodically visit other query pages or forums.  Multiple variations may be found in each one. Gaudreau   Gaudreault   Gautreau   Gautreaux   Goodrich   Goodroe   Goodrow   Guthrie Gaudrault   Gaudreau   Gaudreault   Gauthreaux   Gautreau   Gautreaux   Gautron   Godreau   Goodreau   Goodrich   Goodroe   Goodrow   Gotro    Goudreau   Gouthro   Guthery   Guthrie   Guttro   

April 2, 2000   Requestor: Serge Gaudreault (

I'm looking for details concerning mariage and parents of my grand parents "Louis-Philippe Gaudreault" married to "Lumina Gagnon" around 1915-1919.  They lived at Megantic Lake and had 2 sons, my father Roland, and my uncle Lucien.

April 1, 2000   Requestor: Annabel (LeClaire) Reynard (

I am searching for any type of record on a Marie Goodreau, Godreau, Gandrean.  I have seen it spelled all three ways in the records I have from my family.  She was born 6/4/1850, she said in Aurora, Ill. on a paper I have.  We had always believed she was born in Quebec.  She married my ggrandfather, Joseph (Zerrick) LeClaire, or LaClair, or Leclerc.  We know the spelling was changed too and is now LeClaire.  He was born in Quebec.  Any help would be appreciated.

March 21, 2000   Requestor: Tim 'Spyke' LeSiege (

My Great Grandfather was Napolean Joseph Goudreau, born 9/7/1870 died 2/25/1944 - Married Angelina Barthalette - born 2/24/1879 died 1/31/1942.  I am looking for any suggestions and family ties.

February 07, 2000   Requestor: Rain Carter (

Looking for Jean Baptiste Gaudreau, Born: 1851, St-Jean-Port-Joli, L'Islet, Quebec.  Married: Clarisse Belanger, 12 Jan 1875, St-Jean-Port-Joli, L'Islet, Quebec.  Their daughter, Clarisse, who married Urbain Jean (son of Gaspard Jean and Appoline Caron) in Salem, MA 12 Jan 1902, was my great-grandmother.

I have connecting Jean, Belanger, and Caron lines to share.

February 02, 2000   Requestor: Ernest Brousseau (

I'm looking for any info on my great grandfather Armias Gaudrault.  He married Delia Rose Theriault July 25 1904 in St-Coeur de Marie, East Lac St Jean, Quebec.  I believe Armias' parents are Francois Gaudrault and Clementine Mcnicoll.  He may also have a brother named Arthur.  Delia Rose Theriault's parents are Jean Theriault and Willimine Duchaine or Ducharme.  All from Canada.  Armias and Delia had one child, my grandfather, Joseph Felix Goudreault (spelling from birth cert.).  Born in Lowell Mass.  Father's name was spelled Hormisdas Goudreault.  Any info on any of these names?

September 24, 1999   Requestor: Sonya Bordelon Barnes (

I am looking for information on Rosemond V. Gautreau, b. 1857 and d. 1946.  He was married to Rosanna Hamilton who was the daughter of Alexander Hamilton, b. 1835 and Orphelia Marguerite Phillips, b. 1841.  Rosemond's parents were Valentin R. Gautreau, b. 1806 and Elois Marchand, b. 1820 and d. 1872.

September 15, 1998   Requestor: Marian Shippey Cote (

Looking for information on Joseph Goodreau, father of Marie Goodreau who was born 1825 in Canada and died 10 July 1897 in St. Joseph, Cloud County, Kansas.

Marie married Francois "Frank" Begnoche, born 1813 in St. Jean near Montreal, Canada and died 15 July 1899 in Jt. Joseph, Cloud County, Kansas.

June 22, 1998   Requestor: D. Herres (?) (

Had a friend in high school, Northfield Vermont Class of 1970 by the name of Stephen Gaudreau--I am trying to locate him.

April 18, 1998   Requestor: Melissa Gaudreau (

Looking for information on the parents of Robert Merle Gaudreau (born in Old Town, Maine?).  On his birth certificate, we believe his name was Robert Merle Dyer.  His mother's maiden name is Gertrude Micue.  Believe his real father's name was Early Dyer.  Robert was brought up to believe his father was Joseph Napolean Alphonse Gaudreau, better known as Paul Gaudreau.

April 8, 1998   Requestor: Steven Goodreau (

Looking for information on the family of Medard (Medore) Goudreau, living in Tilbury, Kent, Ontario, in the mid-19th century.  I have some information to offer on his descendents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

April 8, 1998   Requestor: Doug Goodreau (

Looking for information on any of the following:
1 Doug Goodreau
2 John
3 Charles born in 1895 Tilbury, ont
4 Cyril married Jane Pelkey 1890, Tilbury
5 Vital married St Pauls Tilbury/Paincourt Ont to Celeste Primeau
6 Francois Xavier married 1823 at La Prairie , Que to Emerentienne (Merence) Proulx dit Bonneau
7 Francois Gaudreau married 1792 St Pierre du Sud Que to Marie Genevieve Gaumond
8 Joseph Gaudreau married 1752 S P du sud Que to Marie Josephte Morin dit Valcour
9 Joseph Gaudreau married 1734 Islet Que to Francoise Belanger
10 Charles Godreau married 1710 Cap St Ignace to Madelaine Tibault(?)
11 Jean Gottreau married 1679 in Quebec to Marie Le Roy
12 Jean Gottreau married to Marie Roucher at ST Catherine de la Fotte, Ile de Re, Aunis, France

January 18, 1998   Requestor: Michael T. Coutu (

Looking for information on Eugene (maybe Joseph Eugene) Gaudreau.  Born Apr 26, 1890 in Notre Dame de Rosaire, Que, Canada.  He married Regina Allaire.  His parents were Louis Gaudreau and Mina (Hermina?) Colin.  Son, Rene Gaudreau, born in Beebe Plain, Vt.  Rene's daughter, Lucie Gaudreau, born in Newport, Vermont.

January 3, 1998   Requestor: Ernest Brousseau (

Looking for information on Hormidas Gaudreault.  Died about 1960 in Canada, maybe British Columbia.

November 26, 1997   Requestor: Larry Gaudreau (

Searching for Francios-Xavier Gaudreau.  Born 1853 or 1854 on Anticosti Island Que.  Died at 78 yrs of age Hull Que in 1932?  He had two sons Francois Xavior Gaudreau born 1878 and Joseph born 1880 on Anticosti Island.  Son, Francois Xavior Gaudreau, married Legere in Kenora Ontario.

November 14, 1997   Requestor: Willie Cork (

My great-grandmother was Obeline Gautreau who was married to Simon LeBlanc.  Her parents were Hilaire Gautrot and Domithilde LeBlanc.  Hilaire was originally from Tracadie, N.B. where he was born Jan. 14, l809 to Francois Gautrot and Victoire Brideau.  Domithilde was the daughter of Charles LeBlanc and Apolline Cormier.  My grandmother was baptized Domithilde LeBlanc but took the name of Matilde White when she came to the US.  Simon LeBlanc was the son of Laurent - Jean - Firmin - Joseph-Andre - Claude - Andre - Daniel.

I have no information at all after they left New Brunswick sometime after l87l.

November 13, 1997   Requestor: Arthur A. Gaudreau (

Looking for second wife of Pascal Gaudreau (b. 20 Jan 1856 St-Simon, Qc., d. 26 Sep 1933 Nashua, NH), son of Joseph Gaudreau and Sophie Berube.  First marriage was to Wilhelmine Cote (Charles Cote and Zo Dandurand) on 27 Jun 1882 St-Simon, Qc.  Children were Emile, Cloura, and Joseph Honore.  Second marriage was to ?  Child was Bernadette.  Third marriage was to Elizabeth Levesque in 1896 in Nashua, NH.  Children were Eulalie, Marie, and Rose Anna.

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