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This page is dedicated solely to the Fortin surname and its variations. Use my Fortin lineage and surname pages to see what I've published. If you find names in my site that match your database, let me know. I answer all E-Mail and provide general information to all who ask. Since my information comes from many sources, the accuracy of the data has varying degrees of reliability. Use it as a springboard for your own research, not as fact. Only by examining evidence from several sources can you begin to feel comfortable with the conclusions you draw from them. I am happy to exchange sources and, with your permission, will publish your Fortin lineage.

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Joseph Fortin -> Arthur A. Gaudreau

Other genealogy sites that have one or more Fortins listed.

The Choquet-Choquette Family Tree.
Toni Marie Lombardo's Index of Surnames * Index des Noms de Famille.
     If you find a surname of interest, you can e-mail her for a userID/password or visit her other site (no surname index).
Foisy's Complete Ancestry.
Trembly Database Index A.
Louis-Philippe Hémond's Index - F.
Jacques Gagnon's Index of Surnames.
Robichaud Genealogy Alphabetical List.
Huguette Jobin's Genealogy Surname List.
Ron Niquette's Surnames.
Roger Bilodeau's Genealogy Surname List.
Louis R. (Paul) Lesard's Index of Surnames.
Jacques L'Heureux Genealogy Database - Surnames - Noms de Familles.
Oldbear's Index of Surnames.
Jen Bailey's Surnames.
Jim Royer's Index of Surnames.
Chris Perry's Index of Surnames.
Donald Jubinville's Index of Surnames.
John Bishop's Index of Surnames.
Rick Paggeot's Index of Surnames.
Ron Laliberte's Index of Surnames.
Norm Brunette's Index of Surnames.
Index des noms - Surname Index Jacques Trempe.

If you are researching the Fortin name (or one of its variations) and would like a link to your E-Mail address or web site included here, let me know.

Write to me with coments, suggestions, or whatever.

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