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Genealogy is one of my hobbies. I've published over 300 families so far. Use the Surname index to see what I've published. If you find names that match your database, let me know. I answer all E-Mail and provide general information to all who ask. I am happy to exchange sources and, with your permission, will publish your Fortin, Gaudreau, Hebert, or Simard line.

Since my information comes from many sources, the accuracy of the data has varying degrees of reliability. Use it as a springboard for your own research, not as fact. Only by examining evidence from several sources can you begin to feel comfortable with the conclusions you draw from them.

For privacy reasons, my web pages will only show dates of individuals born more than 100 years ago and/or married more that 75 years ago.

NOTE! This site is all about linking families. Please take a moment to view the following. This could be the most important family link you ever make.

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The Gaudreau Page
has all my published information and links relating to the Gaudreau surname (and its variations) on one page. If you can establish a link, you can trace your Gaudreau line back to the late-1500's.

Since most of my work has concentrated on the Gaudreau line, these pages consist mainly of links to other genealgy sites researching these names.

The Fortin Page
traces my Fortin line back to the mid-1800's.

The Hebert Page
traces my Hebert line back to the late-1700's.

The Simard Page
traces my Simard line back to the late-1800's.

The Madonna Connection
shows Madonna's Gaudreau line and how you could be related.

Genealogy Links
lists various sites not relating to the surnames I am researching.

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Please drop me a line at arthur@gaudreau.org to let me know how you found me, if you come across any bad links, or if you have a question or suggestion.

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