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Art Gaudreau's Fortin Lineage

I am always looking for more sources of information and am happy to share what I have. Please E-Mail me if you have any data relating to these people (whether it confirms or conflicts with what I've presented below).

I    FORTIN, Joseph
     RAYMOND, Emerance
          m. before 9 May 1851

II   FORTIN, Marcel (s/o Joseph and Emerance RAYMOND)
     MERAULT, Velarie

III  FORTIN, Eva A. (d/o Marcel and Velarie MERAULT)
     GAUDREAU, Joseph Honore (s/o Pascal and Wilhelmine COTE)
          m. 15 Apr 1912 in Nashua, NH, USA

IV   GAUDREAU, Arthur Sylvester (s/o Joseph Honore and Eva A. FORTIN)
     SIMARD, Marie Leonora (d/o Joseph Juvenal and Florida HEBERT)
          m. 29 Jul 1950 in Manchester, CT, USA

V    GAUDREAU, Arthur A. (s/o Arthur Sylvester and Marie Leonora SIMARD)
     SOLDRA, Patricia (d/o John Joseph and Sophie Estelle DLUGOLESKI)
          m. 10 Sep 1988 in Ansonia, CT, USA


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