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I have some friends who share funny e-mails with me. I've saved them and decided to start listing them (the clean ones) here.

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Dr. Seuss
OJ trial by Dr. Seuss   What If Dr. Seuss Did Technical Writing?

Bible Quiz   Annoying   Doctor's office   Pep Talk   Statues   Talking duck   Vulgar parrot   Maleness quotient   Darwin Awards   Letter from Mom   Two Irishmen in a bar   Computers are Female

While surfing around, I've come across a few good sites. If you find some others, please E-Mail me at

Scott's Page o' Computer Illiteracy is geared to computer geeks like me. But even if you barely know how to turn on your computer, you'll find it entertaining. I've done a few of these things. How about you?

Barking Spider. The "Fun Things To Do In An Elevator" had me crying.

The Comic Strip. Links to several comic strips, including the Dilbert Zone, Peanuts, and Marmaduke.

101 Top Murphy's Laws. No explanation needed.

Kevin's Komedy. Similar to Barking Spider.

Write to me with coments, suggestions, or whatever.

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