Let's Identify Your Jiminy

The PEZ-collecting community assigns a letter suffix to a dispenser when a major change occurs.  Usually, these changes are plainly visible, although sometimes dispensers are found that contain attributes of two different types.

The changes in Jiminy Cricket are less obvious and hence, no letter suffixes have been assigned to this dispenser.  Nevertheless, based on his hat and other features, I feel that there are three main "types" of Jiminy with different variations occuring within each type.  Follow the links below to see which type and/or variation you have.

I don 't consider a variation to be legitimate unless I know of at least two dispensers with the same characteristics.  In my Cricket colony...er...collection, I have several that I don't list as legitimate simply because I have only found one so far.  If your Jiminy is different from any listed, you may have one that matches one of mine.  If you find one, let me know.  Perhaps we can claim ownership of a different variation of Jiminy.

The first step in checking your Jiminy is to push his head back and look inside at the top of his skull.  If you do not see any black posts sticking through, click here.  If you see one black post sticking through, click here.  If you see two black posts sticking through, click here.

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